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8 Reasons To Employ A Lee-on-the-Solent Estate Agency

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There are many good reasons to employ an Estate Agent

It was only recently that the OFT make a statement suggesting consumers look into “private marketplaces for sellers”. Perhaps they are suggesting that there is that there is a need to be aware? Prospective buyers who go to see your home may be looking for other methods, such as your vehicle and other belongings. Estate agents are generally proficient in assessing the needs of potential buyers and gathering the necessary details. Therefore, why should you take a put yourself at risk in order to avoid paying fees to an estate agent?

Professional presentation

A camera on a phone or possessing the latest digital camera doesn’t mean we’re professionals! We employ professional photographers using advanced equipment and top-quality information to ensure that your home both internally and externally is effectively portrayed in a way that encourages people to take a look.

Car theft

Thieves are notorious for targeting private sellers in order to target them. They could be easily distracted since they are trying so hard to sell their house. Keys to cars are usually placed close to the front door. A seasoned estate agent can identify a fake buyer mile away.

Identity theft

Bank statements are typically placed on work surfaces in kitchens. An experienced agent who is able to effectively manage and direct the viewing will know how to manage it by not letting the buyer escape their view and is able to detect unusual behavior. Do you really want to risk your safety and that of your family?

Potential gazundering

Private sellers may not be aware of any subtle signals an experienced agent will be able to discern at the exchange point and then be swindled by a slew of thousands of pounds for an enormous price cut in the last minute and what options do you have to reduce the price drastically and lose the buyer, then the house you thought you would purchase?

Most weak link

Rarely, sellers think that if they go it alone, without a knowledgeable and experienced partner behind them, it renders them a weak link and a risky buyer to other vendors. We’ll guide you from beginning to end and highlight any potential issues at the time when the deal is made.

Personal security

A private seller in the elation of a possible sale might not wish to start off with an uneasy beginning by asking an in-depth and awkward questions like requesting an official written evidence of funds and mobile, email addresses office and home landline numbers. This is the responsibility of a professional Lee-on-the-Solent estate agent. Additionally, they won’t solely ensure the safety of their staff and security, but they will also take care of the same for their customers. The filtering process is to identify any signs of evasion.

Negotiations and Re-negotiations

A private seller is rarely polished in the art of negotiating/re-negotiating and property can be much more of a beast than general sales negotiations. A professional agent with experience will have developed a deep knowledge of the needs and emotions and all the tools that private sellers not have.

Let it happen

The majority of people would like to act with confidence, calm and relaxed way. It is much more likely to happen under expert guidance. A little added peace of mind probably worth the price. Professionally trained agents are proud of their work and, if there’s no sale typically, there is no charge! We are proud to provide the “end all” experience that makes it possible.