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Haulage Lorries in the building industry

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There are many thousands of haulage lorries on the roads in the United Kingdom every single day. From refrigerated articulated lorries delivering the supplies to your local supermarket to standard 4 wheeled trucks moving building supplies and waste material.

Haulage trucks play a huge part in the building and groundworks trades. They are used daily to help the builders get their building aggregates where they need them in huge quantities. For example, if a builder needs to lay a gravel driveway, he will need all his materials and decorative aggregates in loose loads and a large quantity of them. Using a haulage truck is not only more convenient but will save on the cost of buying them in jumbo bags.

There are many different sized trucks that are all capable of carrying different amounts and quantities for materials. They range from 18-ton tipper haulage trucks, capable of carrying up to 10-ton per load, up to 32 ton trucks that can carry loads up to 20 ton or more.

4 wheeled, 18-ton tipper trucks are the ideal vehicle to carry your aggregates to locations that have access down tight and narrow roads. Due to their compact size, they are more capable of navigating the smaller roads without obstructions and the possibility of getting stuck.

32-ton 8 wheelers are the best all round vehicle for delivering larger loads to sites that have an easy access route. And the same goes for those trucks that are fitted with hydraulic grab arms.

If you have a small load of waste builder’s material to get rid of, it would be pointless in hiring a big 20-ton capacity truck to remove this as it’ll cost you more in the long run. The best bet is to use the smaller carrying capacity trucks and fill them up to their max weight.

Haulage tipper trucks are costly vehicles to run. To fill the fuel tank alone can cost in excess of £200 a time, not to mention the extra cost of the adblue. Maintenance is another big spend on a commercial truck. They have to be properly maintained and checked over by a qualified individual every 6-12 weeks in the United Kingdom. The driver has to also do daily checks on the vehicle every day before they can drive away, making sure everything is in ship shape.

Penalties are in place of any haulage vehicle road user that is caught driving with a defected vehicle. Offences of this nature will go against the haulage companies designated transport manager and can result in criminal charges, fines and even the loss of their licences.

There are many rules and regulations when it comes to being in the transport of heavy goods industry and anyone worth their salt will stick by these rules, not only for the safety of their employees but the safety of other road users and the general public.

If you’re thinking of doing your own landscaping project and don’t have the means to get your aggregates yourself, it is always worth calling a local haulage tipper firm to help navigate the materials to you. But always call around for prices, you may be surprised at the savings you can find by putting the effort in a making those calls.