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How to Choose Hurricane Impact Doors

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It is important to choose the best hurricane-impact doors for exceptional performance and protection.
A coastal community can offer a unique combination of weather conditions. It doesn’t matter whether you live in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone, on a hurricane-prone coast or somewhere inland, knowing how to properly protect your home against the danger of hurricanes is crucial. Our impact-resistant products are available to provide extra security and peace of heart, no matter where your home is.

What are hurricane doors?

A hurricane-impact door, in its simplest form, is a patio or door that helps protect your home from damage due to a hurricane. Impact-resistant patio door are more resilient than storm shutters or plywood. You don’t need additional storm preparation. You can simply close and lock your patio doors. These patio doors feature a stronger panel, frame and glass than other doors. They can withstand strong winds and impacts from flying debris and comply with stringent building codes such as the Florida Building Code, Texas Department of Insurance. Depending on the type of patio door you choose, you will get reliable protection regardless of your location.

Add protection with Impact-Resistant glass or laminated glass

Strong glass is an important part of a hurricane impact door. Laminate or impact-resistant glass, even though it might break, will provide protection for your home. Laminate glass is reinforced by a strong, polymer interlayer. The interlayer helps to keep the glass in place if it breaks. This prevents damage from water, wind and debris that could cause injury. Laminated glass and impact resistant glass are available for a variety of wood and vinyl patio doors.

For your home’s protection from the elements, durable frames

For impact resistance, a durable frame is also important. Vinyl patio doors have multiple insulation air chambers which help reduce heat transfer, making your home more comfortable. To ensure the best performance, patio doors should be properly installed. Some patio doors are pre-drilled to allow for precise installation and exceptional performance.
Hurricane Impact Doors Meet Building Codes

You should check the building codes for your state and town to make sure that you choose the best impact-resistant doors. Each patio door undergoes rigorous testing, including being tested to determine if it is hurricane resistant. The Florida Building Code has strict requirements for all types of building products. These include hurricane windows and patio door. They are located within the HVHZ.
Popular Hurricane Impact Patio Door Styles

Impact-resistant patio doors don’t necessarily have to be boring. To complement your home’s style, they are available in sliding and hinged configurations. You have the option of choosing from either vinyl or wood. Vinyl patio doors can be customized with more options while wood patio doors with impact-resistant windows are available. Vinyl patio doors have popular features and are easier to maintain.

No matter the material or style you choose, your hurricane-impact patio door has been tested extensively for structural performance and water and air filtration. These tests simulate the extreme conditions of a hurricane and each test has its own set of conditions.

Impact sliding glass door

An impact-resistant sliding door is a great choice for a traditional look in a small space. A sliding patio doors can create either a traditional or contemporary look depending on what options you choose.

Impact Multi-Slide Patio Doors

An impact-resistant multislide patio door is a great choice for a bold design statement. This grand door comes in eight panels for vinyl patio and 10 panels to make multi-slide wood patio doors. They are a great option for entertaining guests.

An Impact-Resistant Patio Doors Offers Additional Benefits

Although most homeowners opt for impact-resistant patio door protection from hurricane and storm damage, there are many additional benefits to these doors. A patio door with impact resistance can make your home a beautiful finishing touch.
Better Noise Reduction

Multiple panes made of strong glass are used to make impact-resistant patio doors. This glass option not only provides additional protection but also makes it difficult for sound waves from traveling in and out your home. Laminated and impact-resistant glass can be made from different thicknesses of glass. They include a polymer interlayer to help dampen sound waves at different frequencies.
Glass Options for Solar Protection & Energy Efficiency

Laminated glasses can increase your home’s energy efficiency as well as protect your home against the harmful effects of UV rays. The impact-resistant, low-E insulating laminated glass is also impact-resistant. It helps to reflect the sun’s rays from your home and makes your space more comfortable. Tinting your glass can increase its energy efficiency. A tint will not only add visual interest but also reflect the sun away from your home. Hurricane Shield Series products include laminated glass that blocks 99.7% of the harmful UV rays. This protects your curtains, artwork, and furniture from being damaged by the sun.
Safety and Security

To ensure that our impact products meet HVHZ requirements, a 2’x4″ at 50 fps is fired at three locations on our windows and doors to test them. To stop debris and air entering your home, the laminate and window must remain intact.

The window is subjected to hurricane pressures for 9000 cycles after impact to ensure it remains intact. As if that weren’t enough, the door must continue to operate even after all the testing is done. Multi-point locks are available for impact-resistant patio doors. These provide additional protection. No matter what material or style, our products are tested beyond the normal.

Protecting your home from hurricanes is crucial when living in an area with high winds. There are several options to meet your unique design needs and still maintain a sturdy structure. Get in touch with your local expert to learn more about our patio doors that are hurricane resistant.