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Should You Move Yourself Or With Help From The Professionals?

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Are you moving with beautiful furniture pieces in your possession? If so you’re probably thinking whether you’re able to get away by moving these items yourself. This isn’t a surprise, given the fact that moving can be an extremely costly undertaking.

There are however some negatives of moving these items without the assistance of a professional moving company. So, in order to help you decide if it is worth it would prefer to do it yourself in transporting some of your furniture pieces that are luxurious and attractive items, we’ve come up with a list of its pros and cons.

What is considered to be a decorative piece of furniture?

Before we go over the advantages and disadvantages of moving furniture that is decorative, it is best to establish a clear distinction as to what is classified as an item of this kind. According to the definition, decorative or accent piece of furniture is furniture that can complement a space’s design and style while making a statement simultaneously.

Beyond function, decorative furniture’s primary purpose is to create a focal point in the living space. To summarize the use of decorative furniture is to bring life and colour to the interior of a space. Decorative furniture may come in the form of an enormous, imposing item of furniture or a chair with the most striking profile or colour, a vintage chest, small tables, a set of picture frames, or an work of art, among many other things.

The Alternative The Alternative: A Removals Company

It is also crucial for you to comprehend what the alternate option functions. That way, you can accurately determine how exactly you need to move your items.

The removals Cardiff business offers moving services for people looking to move house or offices, whether it be local or long-distance. A majority of moving companies provide complete moving services. This means , in addition to the transport of your belongings from one place to the next you can also count on them for these things:

Materials for packing
Disassembly and packing of items
Unpacking, reassembly, and organization of your possessions
Temporary storage for removal

Because they are skilled and skilled in the transport of every kind of furniture you are able to trust them to transport your luxury and decorative furniture, as well as your other belongings, with the highest level of care.

They will also have the essential equipment needed to ensure that your most expensive pieces of furniture are in good condition throughout the process of moving. Furthermore, you can be sure that in the event that your blood, sweat, tears, and hard work do become damaged due to their supervision, you’ll be compensated fairly for the repair, refinishing, or replacement of your furniture.

To summarize an experienced removals firm can make the removal process simple, quick and cost-effective.

The Advantages and Negatives of Moving Decorative Furniture Pieces You can do it yourself


You won’t have to pay For Professional Help

There’s something very unpleasant about having to pay for a service you and your friends can do yourself. Why would you need to pay someone else to handle it when you could purchase pizza for your friends and a beer to do similar things?

You’ll Have Complete Control

You will be able to move on your own terms time, pace, and schedule. With no restrictions or limitations that would have otherwise been stipulated by the contract with your removals firm in essence, you’ll be in charge of all aspects of the moving process. You will not be charged extra in the event of any delays!

That also means you won’t have to worry about any of your decorative pieces or accessories being lost when it’s unloaded into your new home. You’ll know precisely where everything will be unloaded, thus giving you that extra peace of mind that you desire.

There’s no need to worry about the transfer of your precious items to strangers

While professional movers are proficient and experienced in handling all kinds of furniture, you can’t say that transferring your most prized furniture items to a total stranger will cause you to feel anxious and uncomfortable.

By managing and coordinating all aspects of the move yourself, you won’t have to endure a lengthy journey wondering how the removalists have been taking care of your favourite velvet sofa.


You’ll be more hands-on and, as a result, more stressed

Since you’ll be responsible for all your planning organising, and heavy lifting there’s more for you to stress over. This includes:

Determining how to protect your valuable and fragile possessions during the move.
The search for a suitable size moving truck to rent.
Purchase boxes and packing material.
Recruiting people to help you out with the move.
Planning how to load up your items into the moving truck.

Why go through the trouble of doing all that instead of hiring another person to do it?

There is a high Probability of Damage To Your Decorated Furniture Pieces

As mentioned earlier, the majority of these ornaments are fragile and precious. They are, therefore, objects that you shouldn’t put at risk of damaging or destroying. By deciding to move such objects on your own, however you’re effectively putting them at risk.

After all, you wouldn’t have the expertise of moving and transporting antiques as well as glass furniture, fine art and other such items. Additionally, you have to keep in mind that if you are moving these objects yourself, you are also obligated to purchase separate insurance for their transit.

So if you fail to or decide to purchase transit insurance for your stuff You will have to pay for the repair or refinishing costs on your own.

It’s Going To Be Physically Demanding

In addition, you’ll have to do your own heavy lifting. Also, you’ll be at risk of getting physical injuries like back hurt, bruises, and cuts muscles cramps, other injuries, inguinal hernias joint pain, and many other. Yikes!

You’re Not Really Saving Your Money

You read it right! It’s not as if it’s impossible to do it yourself, doing it would not be as effective as you believe it will.

The cost of fuel and van rental by themselves will cost you several hundred dollars! Imagine how much boxes and packing material would cost you if your don’t have the expertise in packing the professionals do!

This decision is yours to make. It is only you who can decide what is right for you as well as your most valuable and valuable items. Just be sure to carefully evaluate your choices based on your requirements and lifestyle before making your choice.