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What are the best boxes for moving house?

Organisation is key to a successful move, especially when packing your belongings. This guide will help you organize your boxes and supplies for moving houses.
Which are the best boxes to move your house?

What kind of packaging material should I use to pack my items?

Use sturdy boxes. Ideally, boxes made for moving are designed to hold heavier items and protect them during transit.

Can I use supermarket boxes for my move?

It depends on the box’s quality. A weaker box is more likely to be damaged by being knocked down, dropped, or rained on during the move.

You should choose the strongest boxes you can find, and make sure you check for any odours that may have been left behind by previous contents.

What size should I use for my moving box?

This will depend on the type of items you’re moving. You’ll probably need several. The following types of packaging boxes are used:

Standard (medium-sized) packing box

Box dimensions: 45cm, 47cm, 51cm.
It is commonly used for packing china, glassware or toys.
Usually, holds: The contents a single kitchen cabinet.

Small packing box

Box dimensions: 45cmx33cmx33cmx33cm
These are used for packing books, records and tools, foodtuffs, heavy objects, bottles, etc.
It typically holds: A 3ft shelf with books

Large packing box

Box size: 46cmx47cmx78cm
This is a common use for linen, folded clothes, and soft toys.
Usually contains: one single bed of bedding

Flat packing box

This is typically used for: folding clothes, linens and curtains
This cabinet typically holds: A 2ft rail or two drawers of clothes

Wardrobe cartons

Allow you to hang clothes on hangars, so that they arrive at the new house crease-free.

Box size: Available in two lengths (104cm & 125cm)
It holds 1.5-2ft of hanging clothes.

Picture/Mirror boxes

These boxes can be used to wrap individual pictures or bundles of mirrors.

The best size boxes for common items

Which is the best container for packaging china and glasses?

Standard (medium) packaging box

Which book box is best?

A small packaging box (often called a book carton). It might be too heavy to lift books so you should not use a larger box.
Which is the best container for packing clothes?

A large box for packing. These boxes can come in either a taller or lay-flat shape. OR

A wardrobe box. These boxes allow you to hang clothes and fold them without taking them down.
What is the best box to pack frames?

You can use a picture carton or a large box packed with soft items (like pillows/pillows), as padding.

What are the best packing materials to use when moving house?

Your packing boxes are not the only thing you’ll need.

Un-printed packing papers – to wrap fragile items and stuff gaps in boxes to prevent movement.
Bubble wrap – Extra padding for fragile items
Packing tape: Strong, wide tape to seal the box
Permanent Marker- Use this to label boxes. (Or labels if you don’t want to write directly on them).

Where can I buy packing boxes for moving?

Your removal company may be able to sell you packing boxes. These boxes will be specifically made for the task of moving houses, giving you confidence that they will perform.

If you don’t want to use a removal company, you can always ask the local mover if they will simply sell you the boxes. Many of them will have a packaging materials shop available for self-service movers. Or, you can search online to find packing materials.

What are the best times to hire professional removalists?

You can pack whatever you like, whenever you’d like to. But, it is highly recommended that you hire a removal company to help you with the packing.

You have a large home.
Many valuable and fragile items are in your possession.
You don’t have a lot of time
Your journey will be longer if you are moving over a long distance.
You are moving out of the country
You move via a storage unit where items can be stored for a while