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Why Buy In Fethiye – The Turkish Riviera

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Fethiye located in Mediterranean Turkey is one of the most coveted regions for both international and domestic real estate sales. As the Turkish real property market has grown and many have purchased houses in the area to use for their holiday or to reside in the country for the entire year.

There are plenty of good reasons to purchase house for sale in Fethiye, Turkey and we have yet to find a property owner who regretted the purchase. What is what distinguishes Fethiye special?

Why would property buyers select Fethiye over other renowned locations such as Antalya, Bodrum and Istanbul? Why do so many permanent expats choose Fethiye is the best place to spend their retirement? There are a myriad of reasons.

9 Reasons to Purchase property in Fethiye

1. A Valued Investment

Financial experts agree property is among the most reliable investments you can make. And with some of the lowest costs per square millimeter in the Fethiye region, home buyers are sure to be delighted by what they can obtain in return.

Starting at around $40,000 for a 2-bedroom apartment the buyers are joining an industry that is in its early stages and will likely see favorable long-term yields.

2. Extensive Selection of Neighborhoods

The Fethiye region is divided into smaller districts such as Calis, Hisaronu, Ovacik and the town’s centre. Buyers who want a mountainous location can also consider Uzumlu which has a more rustic atmosphere. Each one has its distinct character, community spirit along with selling features that are appealing to buyers of property.

Calis is a well-loved beach destination for expats especially the Brits as a range of nationalities reside in the town’s centre as well as Hisaronu and Ovacik attract buyers looking for a holiday property.

3: Excellent Transport Network

Fethiye is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean coast , and the benefit is that it is simple. Transport connections in and around Fethiye and connecting to other areas in Turkey are numerous. It’s a short drive away from Dalaman airport which offers an extensive schedule of flights in the summer. In winter, the schedule is trimmed down, but the majority of expats take connecting flights to Istanbul. The central bus station offers regular, cheap routes to other cities in Turkey and also independent travelers can employ diesel-powered vehicles to travel around on their own terms.

4. English is widely spoken

People looking to buy in a comfortable zone will be happy to find English being spoken in every place. Communities of expats are important source of information as is the diversity of nationalities from abroad is the norm for English locals who speak English in bars, shops and restaurants as well as hotels. To buy or live in Fethiye there is no need for to be a master of the Turkish language.

5: Large Real Estate Portfolio

The vast area that the Fethiye region encompasses, it is no surprise that its real estate market offers an array of properties available for to be sold. Opt for a basic two-bedroom apartment within a residential zone or invest in an entire duplex with five bedrooms in the grounds of a holiday resort.

Select a traditional stonework home or purchase a modern, luxurious home equipped with modern conveniences and the latest technology. You can also purchase an individual piece of land to construct your dream home according to your requirements. The options are endless.

6: Favorable Exchange Rate for Turkish Lira

The foreign currencies as well as the Turkish Lira exchange rates are extremely favorable in the present. Expats in Turkey who are receiving an UK pension are receiving more Turkish Lira in exchange for their money than they have ever had before, and the prices of property are attractive. With low tax rates along with a simplified buying process than of other countries, purchasing properties in Fethiye is an excellent decision to take.

7: Beautiful Landscapes

There’s a reason for why Fethiye is among the top tourist or expat spots in Turkey and that’s the breathtaking scenery. With the turquoise Mediterranean Sea, long sandy beaches, and a green mountains as a backdrop, the area is often featured on the covers of travel publications and brochures.

Oludeniz is among the most photographed destinations in Turkey as Butterfly Valley, sitting in an abyssal canyon, is searched by around globe backpackers who have seen the beauty of its natural surroundings. Calis Beach has a gorgeous sunset as does Kayakoy Ghost Village. Kayakoy Ghost Village is one of the the most mysterious towns. The list of reasons is endless of reasons the reasons why Fethiye’s beauty cannot be matched.

8 The Ideal Weather Climate

Fethiye is an average Mediterranean climate, which means that those who buy property have hot summers and mild winters. While the peak holiday season usually is from May until October, expats who live throughout the year enjoy more pleasant temperatures than those in the UK and relaxing on the beach wearing a t-shirt in the months of November, March and April is not uncommon.

9. Fethiye is the main Centre for the Turkish Riviera

It is believed that the Turkish Riviera runs around the coastline stretching from to the North Aegean to Antalya and Fethiye is among the major hubs along its coast, which is why it has a renowned marina, as well as the numerous yachts and vessels which dock in bays or navigate along the coastline.

This is a further aspect to the portfolio of the region, alongside the holidaymaker and expat communities. In fact Fethiye’s diversity oddly blends to ensure that each day is the same as you wish it to be.

Additional Information A list of the reasons to invest in property in Fethiye is enough to convince you, but should you require more information about the region or a selection of homes available for purchase within the region, call us now.