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Why buy vintage furniture in 2022?

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Since I remember I’ve always been in love with antique furniture.

I am a sucker for the hunt when you are trying to find the ideal piece (I’m always looking for something or the other! ) and also the distinctness of an unfurnished home that is not completely furnished from all the way through Ikea.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with this. If it’s something that floats you, go for it. There are many that have a heebie-jeebies about furniture they have at their residences and that’s perfectly fine. It wouldn’t be boring if we all were alike?

As a long-term advocate of purchasing vintage furniture I’m here to give you the top reasons why I believe buying antique furniture can be a great choice!


Furniture from the past will be more often constructed out of solid wood than contemporary furniture. Particleboard wasn’t a thing until the 1950’s, and most furniture prior to the 1950’s was made of solid wood.

Solid wood age more gracefully than other materials, such as particleboard. Particleboard, when damaged, can break up to expose ugly chipboard beneath. Therefore, a gorgeous Georgian dresser may be able to collect charm and character as it gets older, contemporary pieces of chipboard will likely not.

It’s not that an old or contemporary piece of furniture made of particleboard won’t appear stunning, they can and do, however it’s best to be aware of the material you purchase and the way they’ll wear as time passes.

Apart from the top materials commonly found in vintage furniture, the craftsmanship involved in the making of every piece is generally superior also. There is nothing that gives me the same pleasure than opening an antique set of drawers to take a look at the dovetail joint that hold the front of the drawer securely in the right place.

It could be an indication that I’m needed to go out more often and I’d agree with you about this.

It’s up to you whether you’re as enthusiastic about it as I am or not. Do you think it’s possible to argue with craftsmanship that lasts over 100 years? What number of pieces of furniture mass-produced are you sure would last the test of time?


One of my favorite things about purchasing furniture from the past is that it gives the feeling of being unique, unlike buying furniture that is owned by a multitude of homes would not.

When you buy vintage furniture and antique furniture, you can also ensure the future of your interior design. If you purchase the past It’s impossible for your home to appear old-fashioned, due to the fact that it’s the type of look you’re hoping to create.

I like mixing antique pieces of furniture with contemporary prints and simple color schemes to keep the appearance eclectic yet fresh.


Global warming really is happening is taking place, and frankly it’s frightening.

More than before, is it crucial that we reduce the amount of waste, reuse and repurposed items whenever possible. The purchase of antique furniture is a great option to accomplish this. Why should you buy something new when there are plenty of incredible pieces of furniture available there


Another reason that I’m a big enthusiast of purchasing secondhand is because it lets our money to go further.

By scouring auction sites such as ebay, and our local home clearance store I’ve found mirrors for just the price of PS6 for each. I also picked up a beautiful coffee table that I love priced at PS30 as well as a stunning Georgian dresser that cost PS100 and my daughter’s bed for only 5 dollars.

If you buy vintage, you’ll build the home you’ve always thought of for years for less. Plus knowing that, should you decide to sell the pieces in the future and they’ll retain the value of anything you’ve purchased new. That means you can cut and change the furniture within your home, and not feel as if you’re wasting money.

To preserve a piece of History

One of the most appealing features of furniture from the past is that they come with an interesting story to tell.

The craftsmanship, the design and the age of every piece will reveal something about our shared history. The preservation of this for future generations is an amazing thing.