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Why Hire an interior designer?

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The task of finding the right interior designer to help you renovate your London home, or redesign a single room in your London home can seem overwhelming. It is common for people to assume that luxury interior design will cost a lot more. However, this is not true. You will save money by hiring an interior designer. A good interior designer will take the stress out of the process so that you can enjoy the transformation and not have to worry about the problems. They also add that special touch.
1. Interior designers can help you save money

An interior designer’s fee can often be repaid with savings on projects. The designer has access to an international source of suppliers and can obtain large trade discounts on products that they pass on to the client.

A detailed Schedule of Works is also a good idea to avoid costly mistakes later on. While it’s easy to overlook the smallest details, an experienced interior design professional will know exactly what to include before a final budget is established.

2. Time and budget

Instead of starting a project by yourself and not knowing the final cost, an interior designer will prepare a Schedule of Works which will contain a breakdown of prices for each part of the project. This is an important and complicated calculation that should not be taken lightly.

3. Reduce the stress of renovating a home

As Project Manager, an interior designer can manage the project from beginning to end for clients. Clients don’t need to find their own contractors. A design practice already has a list of approved firms and can guarantee a high level of finish.

4. Design the perfect space

London’s top interior designers will know how best to maximize space. To understand what the brief is and how much space they are working with, each project begins with an initial consultation. Then, the designer creates detailed drawings of each interior element. The designer will then design layouts for the furniture, lighting, flooring, and wall finishes. The final layout is then discussed with the client.

The next step is to create concept board (or moods boards) for colour schemes and window treatments. The designer places orders once the budget is set and the designs have been approved.

5. Planning applications

A good interior designer will be attentive to lighting plans so that they can work with different room layouts. An untrained eye may overlook simple decisions such as where to place the plug socket in a renovation. You may not realize it until the end of the project that the lead from your PS600 Porta Romana tablelamp cannot reach the power supply.

6. Your home will have maximum value

A well-designed home is a must if you’re thinking about selling your property. Good interior designers will make your home stand out among the rest and increase its appeal to potential buyers. This is a guaranteed way to increase your home’s value, especially in London.

7. Fees cover all budgets

The first question clients ask is “How much will it cost?” Many interior designers charge flat fees for the entire project. Prices in London range from PS5,000 to PS250,000+ on multi-million-pound developments.

8. A trained eye

As an interior designer, you need creativity, imagination, and artistic flair. A keen eye for details and listening skills are also important. It is important to keep up with the latest interior trends, and be able solve problems. Although many people have an interest, interior design is a profession that requires years of training.