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Why Install Anti Snap Locks In Your Durham Home

You might have heard of people saying they had ‘anti-snap’ locks but don’t know much about them or how they work. You may have heard of a burglary in your area, and were advised to upgrade your locks. These locks are beneficial and highly recommended by Higgins Locksmiths. They can be explained and demonstrated how they work.
There is always the risk of someone breaking into your home, no matter where you live. Doors are 73% of burglars’ main access points. It is important to ensure that your home has reliable locks. Doors are the main entry point for burglars (73%). The lock snapping method is now more popular in burglaries. It is the preferred method of entry for houses with French doors, UPVC, composite, and French doors.

When burglars are on the loose, they will generally assess the property on the basis of whether they think they can open the lock to gain entry. All anti-theft locks have a star rating on the front, also known as a “kite mark”. Locks without this have a higher probability of being broken.

Lock snapping attacks are focused on weak cylinder locks at the center. It involves breaking this type of cylinder in half using the right amount force. This method can be used by intruders to gain entry to your property in less than 2 minutes with the right tools

To do this, the intruder will need to remove the exterior part of the lock mechanism. Standard UPVC door handles can break if they are struck with enough force. A burglar will attempt to break in by removing or damaging the handle. They’ll likely use large pliers and similar grips. They will then take out the appropriate tools and use them to force the cylinder to be broken in half. Once the lock is snapped, you can remove the broken piece and use a small metal piece to control the mechanism and unlock it.

You should also remember that even though you might think that you have multiple locking points to secure your door, they all work together by the cylinder. This means that if the cylinder is compromised, all other locking points are rendered useless.

Anti-snap locks are different from standard cylinders. They have a reinforced centre that is strong enough to stop the possibility of the lock snapping. These locks may have sacrificial ends that can be ripped away from the anti-snap lines. Instead of the lock snapping at its centre, making it vulnerable to thieves, the lock snaps on the “anti-snap” line. This secures the locking mechanism. The burglar is forced to abandon their attempts.

It is a popular recommendation to use anti-snap locks. With the rising number of intruders using this method, it is worth looking into adding to your home’s security. There are many anti-snap locks available today. Some are more secure than others. Higgins Locksmiths will be happy to help you with your selections and make recommendations for how to secure your home. A professional Durham locksmith is recommended for fitting them. Even an anti-snap lock could be vulnerable if it’s not properly fitted. We are available to assist you from beginning to end.