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Choosing a Hair Style

“A lady who trims her hair could be set to transform her life forever,” said fashion guru Coco Chanel who, according to the records has sported a chic, elegant cut.

The Dr. Tricia Wolanin, a clinical psychologist, seems to support the legendary French fashion designer, business maven and brand ambassador.

“The timing of when a womandecides to have haircuts is crucial,” she says. “Is it after a breakup to define the persona of a new woman and shed any excess weight and baggage? Are you marking the occasion for a new endeavor like graduation, a new job or even a significant birthday? Is she having this haircut as a way to be able to nurture herself and gain power?”

Although our reasons for getting a haircut differ (and times, we’re trying to control the beast of knots) We can all be one in the same is that we’d like a nice haircut. We are looking for a stunning haircutand we have good reasons for it.

“Haircuts are among the first things that people notice when you make an change,” says Wolanin. “When we decide to change our hairstyle people take note of. It could be a trim of our bangs, a fresh shade, or a complete new style , however, hairstyles make an impression.”

A stunning haircut could carry an expensive pricehowever, it may not meet the expectations.

Haircuts can be costly.

Hairstylist of the year Paul Labrecque says on average getting a good cut in a city can cost “about $150, and it will last between six and 7 months.” Edward Tricomi, stylist and co-owner of Warren Tricomi Salons puts the estimate for a fresh cut at “$130 to $1,000. It’s contingent on the style you want and where you are. I can make the cut last between three and three months.”

However, you don’t always get what you spend for Do we? I can’t think of any person (male and female) who hasn’t experienced the wrath of a haircut.

What steps should clients follow to get the best outcomes?
Scour Yelp and other review platforms

If you’re searching for the next stylist, make sure you take as much research as you can about their previous work.

“Look at reviews of a hairstylist’s work on the internet, speak to customers who are current or past clients, or visit a salon personally and ask a stylist about their work experience and portfolio,” hairstylist Chad Seale advises.

A lot of stylists are on Instagram and you should make sure to look over their posts there as well.

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Book a consultation first

One of the most helpful strategies I’ve picked up throughout the years, when scheduling a hair appointment is to ensure that the cut is included with an appointment.

“A consultation should be offered in the price of the service and having one free is the standard,” says Labrecque. “At my salons, we usually give 15 minutes to every client to complete the consultation process.”

You can also schedule for a consultation using only a blow-dry, according to Neven Radovic, the lead stylist of Ian McCabe Studio, recommends.

“Your hair’s a huge thing that impacts your life daily You should feel at ease when you spend your hard-earned cash to maintain it.” Says Radovic. “I would suggest scheduling an appointment for one consultation as well as blow-dry. This will let you meet the stylist and their do their work prior to making any major decisions. Then, if it’s an ideal fit, make an appointment for another cut or color.”

You should be honest about the amount of time you put into your hair every day

Make sure you are as clear as you can to your stylist, not only about what you’d like to alter (or keep) however, but also about your hairstyle. If you tend to put your hair in messy buns because you don’t have time to take care of it, let your stylist know to create an easy cut to maintain.

“Be open with the stylist you choose,” Seale advises Seale. “A skilled stylist will know the ideal hairstyle that suits your personality, style, and personal preferences. However, they should be able to hear your concerns and collaborate alongside you.”

It is also important to mention that you may use or are willing to use products regularly as certain styles are more demanding to maintain (and expensive) in this way.
Take ideas from the magazines for beauty, Pinterest, and Instagram.

The job of a hairstylist is be aware of the latest fashions. If you’re not in the loop, they’ll give you a hand however if you’re not sure or don’t know what you’re looking for it’s best to take a few minutes of research to come up with some ideas. The stylists we talked to recommended looking at Pinterest as well as fashion magazines and beauty bloggers on Instagram. Take a few pictures on your smartphone to show your stylist what interests you.

“It’s always a good idea to present your stylist with a photo of what you’re trying to accomplish so that they can get an idea of how to proceed,” says Tricomi.
Listen to the stylist’s advice But be sure to stand your ground

A stylist will have ideas on what will flatter the basis of your style preferences and your lifestyle. However, don’t be obligated to follow their advice.

“If at the end of the day, you do not like the look they suggest you should be willing to give in to your preference,” says Seale.
Think about not only the shape of your face, but also your body shape as well.

There are no two faces that are alike, but the majority of faces fall in one of four groups: long, oval and square. They can also be round.

“Each person has different haircuts which are ideal for the individual,” says Tricomi. “Bangs and no bangs sharp cuts or layers that are long It all depends on the way you cut and style your new look. When cutting, what’s crucial is body shape and facial characteristics. A skilled stylist is able to manage all these compliments and give the client the appearance they’re seeking.”

It’s a good idea to have an ideas of these things prior to going in (you can do this by using any of the numerous online tutorials for measuring your the body and face).

“Pinterest will help the user examine face shapes and determine the best cuts,” says Tricomi.