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London’s Oxford Street – What To Expect

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Oxford Street is the busiest shopping street in Europe that attracts more than 200 million people visiting every year. It is also the city’s most sought-after shopping district. Even though Oxford Street is wide known for its high-priced stores, you do not necessarily require a large sum of money to have fun in many Oxford Street shops.
For many centuries, Oxford Street was one of the major routes of the city’s West End, with its roots dating all the way back to the Roman period. The 1.5 mile stretch was known as “Tyburn” during the Middle Ages, and it is the main route between London up to Oxford. It is located to the east from Tottenham Court and west of Marble Arch Station.

In the past, the street was lined with small businesses that sold goods but now there are over 300 retail stores from luxury retailers as well as distributors’ chains, along with designer shops have risen to the top.

The most well-known of the many Oxford Street stores is Selfridges, the world-famous Selfridges that was established by selfridge the American self-made businessman Henry Gordon Selfridge in 1909. With more than 10 ha of retail space, which covers an entire block on Oxford Street, Selfridges is the second-largest store in London following Harrods and has been described as “an incredible store that is a temple for the retail industry” because of it’s neoclassical columns and the fascinating design of the main entrance.

No matter what time of year you choose to go, Oxford Street is expected to be full of shoppers and locals with their shopping bags, however it is at Christmas when Oxford Street comes to life, because it is lined with all sorts of Christmas decorations. These illuminate in the evening, making the street a beautiful glow.

The stores attract more than 200.000 people every week and walk between one side of the street to the opposite, you’ll have the opportunity to shop at stores like Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, House of Fraser and John Lewis. Of course, your trip cannot be complete without a visit to the Selfridges located on 400 Oxford Street, with six floors, 11 restaurants, fast food outlets and a hundred thousand pieces of clothing.

The stores that sell consumer electronics as well as the smaller department stores are most often found along Tottenham Court Road, while the larger ones can be located within Marble Arch and Oxford Circus. Following, American Apparel and Topshop type of stores are situated in the vicinity of Oxford Circus to Tottenham Court Road and H&M and Zara similar stores will find between Oxford Circus to Bond Street. Marks & Spencer, New Look, Primark, River Island and Selfridges are located on Marble Arch until Bond Street while books and musical instruments can be located at Denmark Street and Charing Cross Road.

If you’re looking to do some sightseeing on your trip in Oxford Street, Marble Arch (to the west) is a well-known London landmark as a whole It was also an area of public execution from 1388 to 1793. Hyde Park is less than two minutes away of Marble Arch, and you can walk straight through Marble Arch, the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, Speakers’ Corner, and the Serpentine Lido before your visit to Oxford Street as well.

A famous landmark is situated on Oxford street, which is where the public execution that ended in 1793. It is an ideal place to stop your shopping trip and amuse yourself by visiting a cultural tourist attractions. This attraction is situated close to Madame Tussauds wax museum who gives taxi rides to the city’s history, with drinks for adults as well as an Marvel Super Heroes 4D mini-movie experience for children.

Tips to remember before you visit Oxford Street

1. If you’re traveling by car make sure you reserve your parking spot in advance at Q-Park Oxford street. Q-Park Oxford street and you will receive a great discount

2. Take a private tour: Chauffeur Driven London Shopping Trip (Oxford Street included)

3. Make sure you are aware of the fact that the area is prone to theft So always be vigilant about your belongings, particularly when it is busier.

4. There are ATMs scattered all across Oxford Street and surroundings.

5. Toilets aren’t plentiful. It is located on the the ground level of Topshop as well as in Mark & Spencer.

How do I get to Oxford Street

Address: Oxford St, London W1B 3AG United Kingdom

To get to Oxford street via tube: Take the train to Bond Street, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road or Marble Arch.

You can reach Oxford street via train: The nearest station to Oxford street is Paddington.

Go to Oxford street via bus: Buses number 3 8, 10 12-13 15 23 25 53, 73, the numbers 88, 94 (113) 135, 139, 137 and 159 take you to Oxford Street.