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3 Advantages of Having a Pro Handle Your Audio-Video Installation

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Enjoy your entertainment without the hassle

The majority of people acquire audio-visual equipment over time. Of of course, there will be instances where we are asked to design and build an audio-video project for a totally renovated or a brand new house, but usually individuals are replacing old systems or adding additional features to their existing equipment.

Today’s audio and video equipment is more connected and powerful than ever before. TVs come with apps, a variety of screens as well as audio casting protocol are available as well as a variety of updated formats are accessible for video and music content. This means that AV equipment isn’t easy to use especially if you are trying to get the most out of the capabilities of these devices.

We believe that professional audio-video installation can provide a number of advantages for maximizing the enjoyment of the entertainment you enjoy in the comfort of your Miami home. Read on for the top three reasons below.


Homeowners are conscious of design, which is reflected in the way they wish their technology to look. There are those who like the look of technology in ultra-modern settings However, some might prefer technology to blend into or disappear. Flat-panel TVs are an excellent illustration. A majority of these big screen are colored black even when they’re not being used. What alternatives do you have? One is from a company such as Samsung who developed Frame TV. Frame TV. The Frame is unique in that it has a technology that lets it appear like art work even when the TV is off and the design can be altered according to your tastes and preferences. The Frame can be mounted in line with the wall as artwork and feature decorative framing which looks like the appearance of the frame of an artwork. It is recommended to have a professional install it for getting it to look exactly right.

There are other options to hide the huge flat panels. The ceiling mount can be lowered the TV once you’re ready to enjoy. Furniture lifts that are custom-designed allow flat panels to rise off a credenza whenever it’s time to start the show. Also, actual artwork that is motorized, may lift or slide right or left for a clear TV screen. What is the audio? Architectural speakers are invisible inside walls and ceilings for audio with high-fidelity that can be perceived but not heard.


Sound quality is more than high-quality equipment. The correct placement of speakers and system tuning can be crucial in achieving that full emotional and emotional experience that you seek from soundtracks to movies and music. If it’s freestanding or architectural there’s a lot of science and art involved in finding the right sound. For surround audio systems software-aided calibration and sound pressure meters and testing the location of speakers can all determine the difference between just a good audio system. These are the elements that a professionals can add to optimize your audio system.


A/V systems can be difficult to use. It is important to concentrate on entertainment and not a precise sequence of buttons to activate everything. Make it simpler with a home system that is the ability to customize AV controls. One tap or voice command will set everything in motion. When your TV rises from the credenza. The audio system turns on and each option and setting is automatically adjusted to the type of entertainment you choose. Furthermore, the lights and motorized shading are controlled to create a environment for your enjoyment. Do you would like it to be?

Let Miami AV Service guide you on how to make the most of your entertainment system with professional layout and setup. Contact us now for more details.