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Advantages of Metal Shims & Brackets

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Metal shims are made using a range of metals and finishes. These include galvanised steel, mild steel, and stainless steel. Metal shims are durable and durable. They also offer resistance to corrosion. They are appropriate for industrial applications.

What is a shim made of metal?

A shhim is a material that can be used to fill in gaps, give extra support, and create make surfaces level. Also called a spacer also known as a packer. Shims can be versatile and can be utilized in a myriad of ways. Like the name implies, metal shims are made from metal and serve similar functions to other kinds of shims.

What is the material that shims are made of?

There are a variety of shims and packers available that range from plastic shims to metal shims, to hi-load shims. Hi-load shims are made using polycarbonate and polyamide that are stronger than normal polypropylene or polystyrene. Hi-load shims can be a cheap alternative to steel shims.

What do metal shims are used to do?

Because metal shims are much stronger than plastic shims of the same type and can be used for a range of applications, from everyday use to more heavy industrial uses. This can include aligning packaging and production equipment and pipes, as well as adjusting the clearance of two objects , and many more.

Certain metal shims, like stainless steel shims can also withstand corrosion and are ideal for the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries, as well as other industries where shims are required to stand up to high temperatures and pressure.
The advantages of shims made of metal.

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There are numerous advantages of using metal shims or metal packers over the alternatives. The benefits of using metal shims include:

Resistant to corrosion
Ideal for general use and heavy-duty usage

Selecting a shim of high-quality is crucial when purchasing shims because shims that are of poor quality are not as effective and will cost you more over the long run. If you’re looking for the best shims for levelling, or door shims made of metal look through our entire selection of shims now.