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How To Shop for a CAD Workstation for Inventor

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If you’re just beginning your career as a mechanical, simulation , or visualization designer or if you’re looking to upgrade your equipment, it’s crucial to take into consideration some important aspects before buying a CAD workstation to Autodesk Inventor.

Autodesk Inventor provides professional-grade 3D mechanical design, documentation and simulation tools. It lets you work efficiently through an extremely powerful mix of direct, parametric freeform and rules-based design tools.

It comes with tools to help navigate through assemblies using fast processing and superior graphics. So it is essential that you buy an CAD workstation that is able to meet the minimum requirements for your system. But how do you determine what hardware to pick with so many options available?

Here are a few points to take into consideration when choosing an Inventor CAD workstation:

1. Understand your workloads

The first step to selecting the most suitable CAD system for you is to take into consideration the purpose you intend to use this software to do. For example, if you’ll use Inventor for design of products or modelling, you’ll not require a CAD system with the same specifications as someone who uses Inventor to simulate or for visualisation.

It’s also important to take into consideration the number of part assemblies you are likely to handle. For instance, Complex Models, Complex Mold Assemblies and large Assemblies (typically greater than 1000 pieces) need more memory, graphics , and CPU power than assemblies of 500 parts.

2. Consider other programs or software you might need to utilize

When Inventor is the program that you utilize on a regular basis to design mechanical and product components however, you may also use 3ds Max as an instance, you should find a CAD-compatible workstation which can run the program equally effectively.

3. Make sure you invest in a specialist graphics card

Although consumer grade graphics cards work in conjunction with Autodesk Inventor, they are not ISV certified for workstations that use CAD. Autodesk is a testing lab that conducts extensive tests to verify the professional graphics card models to assist in the development of highly optimized drivers that will improve efficiency of an software. It is not necessary for them to be costly, but the cost will depend on your demands.

If you’re working on smaller assemblies, then a less specific graphics card will be adequate. Larger projects require a mid-range graphics card and more intensive projects require a more expensive graphics card. Particularly, if you’re using multiple than one monitor, or an ultra-high definition monitor, and carrying the visualisation task.

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4. Pick the best CPU and specifications for RAM

When you are deciding on CPU and RAM specs, you have plenty of aspects to think about based on the program you’re employing as well as what you need from your tasks. Both are equally crucial. Each is superior to the other with regard to overall performance. The number of tasks the CPU is able to handle is heavily dependent on the quantity of RAM accessible to it, as this is where the data the CPU is processing and allow more programs to run at the same time.

Autodesk tends to design the products they offer around Xeon CPU’s rather than i7’s or I9’s because of their larger memory and more complex calculations. Autodesk Inventor is predominately a single-threaded software, therefore we recommend Xeons to increase durability and reliability because it’s a high-end business processor.