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Importance of Mobile Apps

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Mobile app development has been booming in recent years.
It is estimated that there are currently 2.3 million app developers dedicated to meeting the demands of the mobile industry.

Apple claims that in 2013, 1.25 million apps were downloaded from the Apple app store. Developers also received $5 billion.

These numbers show that mobile app development is key to business success.
More people are accessing the internet via their smartphones

Mobile app development is a unique way to reach a wide range of consumers, given the increasing number of people who access the Internet via their smartphones and tablets. PewResearch Internet Project estimates that 67 percent U.S. smartphone users use their smartphones to access the Internet every day. Recent research also suggests that app downloads will reach 200 billion by 2017, and mobile app revenues will rise to $63.5 billion. These extraordinary numbers are due to the steady growth in tablet and smartphone sales.

The number of installed mobile apps has increased exponentially, not only have sales of smartphones and tablets increased but also the number of them. According to the PewResearch Internet Project, approximately 50% of smartphone users have installed mobile apps. Two-thirds of these individuals are frequent mobile app users. These stats show that mobile apps offer a unique opportunity for customers to interact with new types of people, who are constantly connected to the Internet. A mobile app gives you access to millions of potential customers. Only thing left is to create an app that works and reap the rewards.
Mobile Apps Offer the Best Benefits to Businesses

A mobile app can have many benefits. Here are some of the top benefits that businesses can reap from mobile app development companies.
Develop loyalty

Mobile apps are a great way to increase customer loyalty, particularly in the retail sector.
Reinforce your Brand

The unique channel of mobile apps offers brand reinforcement via a new channel. Customers are encouraged to download the branded mobile app, which allows them to customize their preferences to meet their needs.
Increase your visibility

2013 saw over 50 billion downloads of mobile apps from the Apple Store.
Increase your accessibility

Smartphone and tablet users are always on the move, which means they don’t always have the time to log in to a mobile website. These mobile websites are not designed to manage processes, but readability and navigation. Mobile apps enable users to quickly and easily access information, products and services in real time. They are also optimized for hands-on interaction.
Increase the Sell-through

Recent research suggests that users of mobile apps spend more time than they do on the company’s website on mobile devices.

Mobile apps are a key component of our mobile-centric society’s development push. A mobile app can help you get new customers and boost your business’s success.