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VoIP – What Are The Advantages?

VoIP, or Voice over IP, is the newest form of business telephone system. We will be discussing the key benefits of VoIP phone services, as well as IP phone telephony, for your business.
1. Low Cost

VoIP is a cost-effective alternative to traditional phone systems. VoIP uses your internet/broadband connection for making and receiving telephone calls. By eliminating the need for many telephone lines, VoIP can significantly reduce your business’s running costs.

2. Higher Call Quality

VoIP makes use of your internet connection and offers better call quality than alternatives. VoIP phone systems offer HD voice and internet connectivity to their users, which allows for crystal clear audio.

3. Flexibility

VoIP’s flexibility is another benefit. VoIP can be customized to meet your specific business needs. You can easily create a VoIP telephone system to meet your business’s telephony needs. You have no limit on your bandwidth, which means that you can theoretically add thousands more users.

4. Reliable

VoIP telephone systems can be very reliable. VoIP has been around for many years. FaceTime and Skype are the most popular applications. VoIP has been adopted worldwide by many businesses and it is continually improving – making this one of the most reliable technologies for telephony.

5. Scalable and easily scalable

VoIP has the advantage of being scalable. VoIP telephone systems can be easily expanded because they use the internet to make calls. It doesn’t take much to add new lines. If you need, you can simply add licences or phones. VoIP is flexible enough to scale to your needs, both current and future.

6. Portability

Businesses need to be mobile. VoIP telephone systems offer businesses the ability to be mobile and portable. A VoIP network allows mobile users to connect to your phone system.

VoIP offers a portability advantage that is great for businesses with on-the-road workers or home workers. These employees can connect directly via VoIP to your VoIP telephone system.

7. Future Proofing

VoIP offers your business the ability to be future-proofed. The old technologies, including ISDN, are slowly disappearing. Your business can have a modern telephony system that is compatible with VoIP phones.

Your investment in your business is also protected by future-proofing. Upgrade to VoIP and you can rest assured that you are using the latest standard for telephony communication. This will ensure that your investment is safe for the future.

8. Mobile

Businesses are becoming more mobile and a VoIP phone system is a great option. VoIP is easy to integrate with your mobiles, meaning you can take your VoIP telephone with you wherever your travels take you.

9. Modern Technologies

VoIP is the current communication standard. VoIP is the new standard in communication. A VoIP telephone system allows you to enjoy the best modern comms at a lower price.

10. Preparation for the ISDN Switch Off

Our last benefit is that VoIP can help you prepare for the ISDN switching off in 2025. Businesses that do not use VoIP will feel the effects of this ISDN switch-off. While this may be some time in the future, a VoIP telephone system could help prepare your business for the future.