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What Is Power Automate Used For?

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Power Automate (previously Microsoft Flow) is a software that allows users to build and automate workflows, effortlessly connecting to data sources other than Microsoft 365, like Dynamics 365 and Office 365.

Businesses can automatize repetitive tasks by setting up flow that are activated through specific events, which allows employees to focus doing more important tasks. I hope that by the end this article you will have a better knowledge of the benefits Power Automate can provide to your company and some suggestions of how to make use of the software.

Benefits of Automation in the Business

Within any business there are many procedures that can be automated to enable better use of resources and boost productivity among teams. Particularly, those jobs that are repetitive and lengthy can be reviewed to determine if there’s an opportunity to cut down on time, money, and reduce the chance of human error by automation.

It is believed the majority of jobs could reduce 30 percent of their time through automation, simply by automating basic tasks such as:

– Onboarding of employees

– Management of contracts


Document management


Utilizing software, like Microsoft Power Automate, can assist you in getting the most from your resources, and help make your company processes run more efficiently.

What are the advantages that come with Power Automate?

1. Make everyday tasks easier

Consider the amount of emails you receive every day. Imagine receiving a notification when an important email is received. Through Power Automate, a template can be made available to users to get exactly this, making sure that an important email will never be missed ever again.

2. Improve workforce productivity

Power Automate helps your business to save time, boost productivity and ultimately perform more efficiently. Automating repetitive tasks that consume all daytime employees will be able to work more efficiently and increase overall performance of the business.

3. Automate tasks across all business systems

Power Automate is a connector that enables you to automate tasks across hundreds of applications in the Microsoft eco-system as well as from external sources. Most popular connectors include SharePoint, Power BI, Word, Outlook, Teams, Planner, Asana, Mailchimp, Twitter, Adobe Sign, DocuSign, Google Drive, Eventbrite, FreshBooks and Trello.

4. Enhance employee satisfaction and reduce human error

Automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks helps employees focus on the aspects that truly need attention and are more important. In turn, this could lead to greater levels of satisfaction at work and a greater sense of satisfaction. Furthermore, automation decreases the chance of human error. As a result, you can be confident that your work is completed at the highest level.

5. Reduce time spent on decision making

Automating processes such as workflows for approval to respond to requests for time off or sales opportunities, document approvals such as sales opportunities, etc., you are in a position to reduce time spent on the process of making decisions.

6. Create predefined templates for an flow

There is a possibility to design the flow from scratch Power Automate boasts an extensive collection of pre-defined templates. They allow you to build time-saving workflows around approvals notifications as well as productivity Social media and so on.

7. Accessible from anywhere

Microsoft Power Automate’s mobile-friendly app allows team members to design, execute and review automated workflows when they are working from home.
Common uses for Power Automate:

Automated tasks can be automated in order to accomplish these goals:

Be alerted immediately to important emails or notifications.
Follow and connect with potential customers
Save automatically e-mail attachments for OneDrive or SharePoint
Use social media to engage with your audience. For instance blogs can be published or tweeted on Facebook on a regular basis You can also be informed when an article with a specific wording was retweeted.
Automate approval procedures, such as time-off requests, or documents that have been approved. Employees will be notified via Teams after the approval process has been completed
Send a push message to your mobilephone, such as in the event that you are sent an email by your boss
Keep up-to-date with the latest Dynamics 365 Opportunities
Send an email whenever an Power BI alert is triggered. Examples include giving support teams an alert when the volume of the incident is greater than 100 or contacting sales managers when more than ten leads haven’t been updated for more than two weeks.

Are you ready to begin using Power Automate?

If you have questions regarding Power Automate and how your company can begin contact us today.