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Why convert your old movies, videos and media to digital formats

If you are anything like me, then you have probably visited your grandparents and parents, pulled out all your family photos from years past, and spent hours looking through them, reliving special memories. You might have tons of old films, VHS tapes and movies that you want to go back through from time to time. Did you know you could digitize all that old media? Digitizing is a great way for you to preserve your memories for future generations. It can also be a fantastic way to surprise your inlaws by gathering all the media and sending it to a company to digitize it. Then, give it as a gift.

What are the results? The results? Smart software can repair it automatically (think redeye removal, stitching rips, and restoring color), and organize and search by keyword on a computer, tablet or phone. It can be shared with family and friends via email and social media. You can also use it to make fun projects such as scrapbooks, slideshows, and fridge magnets.

You have two options when digitizing your vintage media. One is to do it yourself, which can be costly, since every format requires a compatible device. The other option is to use a professional service, such as the one Adam Boeselager and Nick Macco co-founded in their college garage in 2009. They have since grown to be one of the most successful digitizing companies worldwide, serving 850,000 families.

Macco says that Legacybox was designed to help families reunite with important recordings that were lost due to deterioration of tapes, film, and photos. It’s a simple and safe way to convert your VHS tapes, audio tapes, film, and/or photos. How does it work? Customers place an order online and pack their media files when they arrive. Then, they send the kit in for digitizing. The kit comes with a step-by -step guide, safety barcodes and a UPS shipping label. Within three to four weeks, customers will receive their digital files either on the cloud or on a DVD. All original files, including old film reels, videotapes, and photos, are also returned.
Why is Digitizing Media so Important?

According to Macco, it is vital that your media be safe and accessible for many reasons. Macco says that this is so your loved memories can be passed on to future generations. He says, “It’s an easy process that will give peace of mind that these precious moments from your past won’t be lost forever.” In the beginning of my company, I digitalized media files belonging to my grandparents and our family. This was a moment that made me realize the importance of digitizing. These files were digitalized for a slideshow that they played at their 50th anniversary. It was shared with the entire family. It brought out the best in everyone. My family’s reactions confirmed that the work we were doing — giving families the best time of their lives back — was important and worth continuing.”
What are the advantages of digitizing?

Macco lists the following top reasons to digitize your media:
1. It gives you peace of mind

He says that if you don’t convert Video8 to mp4 format, there are many things that can go wrong. You need somewhere to keep it safe. There’s also the risk of losing it during a move or deterioration due to wear and tear. You can store important items in key storage areas (like trunks, basements and closets), but you can rest assured that your memories will be safe forever.
2. It helps to declutter your home

According to Macco, digitizing your media can make space for optimal storage. He says that digitizing old media and home videos can help free up space in closets, trunks, and shelves. After digitization is completed, customers have been known to repurpose old photos in their homes.
3. It makes memories that can be easily shared

You don’t need to take out your old photo album anymore. Digitizing your memories means you can easily share them with anyone, any time. All you need to do is upload the digitized media, and hit send. Macco says, “Just like that you can relive all your precious memories and recall them with those who matter most to you, near and far.”
4. It helps you pass down your family history

He says, “If you want to preserve family traditions and make memories last, it’s important to pass your memories along to your grandkids and children for future generations.” You can replace old tapes by sharing a cloud link that is easy to share with all your family members and the world.
How do you digitize old photos? VHS Tapes

According to Macco, every format can be digitally preserved in a different way. Macco says that slides, negatives, and photo prints all have different ways to be captured. Every item is handled manually. He explains that the Academy of Motion Pictures uses the same frame-byframe film digitizing method. It’s amazing what you can find on old film reels.