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Why Instagram Is The Most Popular Social Media App

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It’s not surprising that companies are switching to new ways of advertising and are investing more on social media marketing. Social media has become an integral part of people’s lives that they barely notice that ads are appearing in their news feeds. In contrast to newspapers and TV it is impossible to change the channel or switch the display; however, the ads on social media sites are inexpensible. Because of the worldwide reach that social media marketing has, it can generate an enormous return on investment.

There are a lot of social media platforms available and some enjoy huge popularity with their people they are targeting. However, if you are asking which social media network is ideal to build my business? It will be Instagram. What is it that makes Instagram the top social media platform isn’t its users! It is true that Facebook is more popular than Instagram but in terms of interaction, user-friendliness and penetration of the target market, Instagram reigns supreme.

Better Target Market Perception When it comes to shopping both women and young men are buyers who make impulsive purchases and it’s simple to influence their buying decisions. Nearly 60% of Internet users aged between 18 and 29 are registered on accounts on Instagram account. Today’s youth earn an enormous amount of money, and are more than willing to invest in a product when you convince them that you offer an outstanding product. What better platform to showcase your product than Instagram to upload images of high-resolution or a brief video of your product, and then direct users to your site? In addition, 70% of all Instagram users are women and they just love shopping!

Improved display of content: Instagram allows you to develop your brand’s image with videos and photos more efficiently that Facebook as well as Twitter as well as any other site. You might think, “But I can upload videos and photos on Facebook but what is it that makes Instagram superior?” Instagram is special because of its user interface. If someone visits Facebook on a PC it will show pictures as well as sidebars, links and a chat screens, and lots of other things. However, Instagram, despite having its own website, is mostly accessible via the mobile application by 700 million users across the world. Users only see videos and photos. It’s a clutter-free User Interface and , as a social media marketing professional, you can enjoy greater customer engagement.

Instagram members are very active, and spend lots of time there in the app. This is where Instagram surpasses any other social media platform. A study has found the fact that Instagram users are eighty-eight percent more likely share, comment on, like or share photos than Facebook. This is the highest level of user engagement. The more often your content gets posted and shared, and also the greater number of responses you receive the better for your company. Another major benefit of Instagram is that users love the social media site and are able to spend hours on the site.


Instagram is extremely strict with fake accounts, and they ensure that your company’s is recognized with a valid sign to let people recognize the brand they like so deeply. It is essential to be present across every social media platform However, if you’re considering your SMM strategy for 2023, then Instagram should be at the most important list of options. Learn how to grow your followers with GOREAD here.