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Awesome Reasons to Go on an African Safari

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Through countless musical, literary, and cinematic depictions of Africa, we’ve all been captivated by its charms before. Have you ever thought about roughing it like Tarzan. You might even want to be as safari-chic as Claire Foy, in The Queen. You have the chance to go on an actual safari adventure.
Safaris offer a great opportunity to expand your mind and awaken your senses. There are many tours that can be taken across Africa’s parks and nature reserves. There’s nothing quite like it anywhere on earth, from the endless views to the vast diversity of life fighting for survival, and the infinite beauty of the landscapes.

These are just a few reasons to experience the ultimate African adventure.

A Whole New World

Unmistakably, the African savannah landscapes are unique. Every location on the continent is unique in its own way. They all have their unique charms and quirks. It is up to you to decide which safari is right for you. Be aware of the best times to visit the more seasonal areas. If you are lucky enough to be there at the right time, you will witness amazing events such as a herd crossing a river that is infested with predators or a migratory entourage moving before your eyes.

A Real Escape

A safari is essentially a way to escape into another world. It is a journey into the wild on foot, in a vehicle or on a canoe. As you move further from your daily routines and demands, the concert of Nature’s elements surrounds your senses. You can embrace the isolation by allowing yourself to be completely present in the moment and allowing the elements to surprise you.

Wildlife, and not just the Big 5

You may have seen the Africa enclosure before. It is amazing to be able to get up close and personal with an elephant herd, in their natural habitat. There are no barriers between you and them. You will be amazed at the variety of wildlife that roams the plains and gather at watering holes. This Jurassic Park feeling of awe multiplies with each new encounter. Some tours allow you to see endangered species such as the Rwandan mountain gorillas.

Your friendly neighborhood safari guides

Most safaris are conducted by experienced guides who will educate you on a variety of safari-related topics. Their wealth of knowledge is amazing, covering everything from tracking to animal behaviour to survival tips. You might pick up a few life lessons from their wisdom and insight. You’ll also find that you can trust your guide, who is well-armed, to help you navigate the bush.

You can move to the rhythms and styles of African culture.

You can also experience authentic African culture while on safari through the African bush, through the traditional African food and the encounters with nomadic communities. Safaris offer the chance to experience bush camping and interact with locals such as the Maasai or Mbuti. This can give you a fresh perspective on life and allow you to see a different way for living.

Beautiful Sunsets and Sunrises

You can enjoy a moment of pure bliss as the sun rises above the Serengeti at night or sinks into the horizon at dawn, and you are able to take in the beautiful moments of burnished glory. As the sun lights up the plains, you will be amazed at the pink and vermillion hues. These brief, yet memorable moments will capture your attention and bring you to tears.

Support Safaris and Conservation

You can also help to preserve Africa’s fauna and flora by going on African safari tours. You get to enjoy the safari’s thrilling adventures and know that your money will help preserve these lands for the future. Tour groups offer environmentally responsible lodging and itineraries. So you can rest assured and let them take good care of you, just like the wild.

We will never see these amazing places in person. Reputable agencies will arrange your tour and ensure the preservation of these beautiful domains.

No matter your age or preference, there is a tour for you and your group. Come and experience the beauty of the Savannah. You might find a new appreciation of the live-action Lion King remake once you have seen the true circle of life.