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Things to do and see in Chester

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It may be a little city but there are numerous issues to do in Chester, which makes it a fantastic spot for a weekend break. The compact city centre is walkable which means you are able to quickly notice the spotlights on feet as you walk around the Roman ruins and admire the Tudor style buildings.

Chester is simply 2 hours from London by train also it is conveniently located near Manchester and Liverpool also. It is additionally a gateway into North Wales as Chester city centre is merely a ten second drive from the Welsh border. I really live on this particular border between Wales and England so today I would love to share several of my favourite items to do in Chester!

If you would want combining a drive to North Wales and Chester then look at this article for certain ideas plus inspo: A weekend manual to North Wales and Chester

Therefore whether you are a neighborhood who wants brand new ideas and also inspo or maybe a person right here for the weekend, here are my favorite issues to do in Chester…

#1. Chester races

Chester is home to probably the oldest working racecourse on the planet! Chester racecourse remains as popular now as it had been when it had been established in 1539. The Roman walls continue to be apparent along part of the program which rests on the banks of the River Dee.

Travel Hack Tip: it is well worth noting that Chester is extremely active on race weekends so in case you are not visiting for all the races then It is better to check when races is on to stay away from the crowds.

#2. check out the Eastgate Clock

Did you understand the Eastgate Clock in Chester is considered the most photographed clock after Big Ben!? The spectacular clock is in the center of the town on Eastgate Street so that you will not miss it.

When you are able to, head up the measures to the edge and admire the clock out of the city walls.

#3. Admire the rows

Chester’s rows are a distinctive feature also they are established throughout the city’s 4 major streets; Watergate Street, Northgate Street, Upper Bridge and eastgate Street Street. The rows are covered walkways in addition to the stores at ground level. Not merely can they be functional, as they are ideal for shopping when it is raining, though they look gorgeous. Several of the rows actually have underground crypts also and they are typically occupied by stylish bars today.

#4. Grosvenor Park

The city’s public park connects the city centre with the River Dee and it’s a gorgeous space to enjoy on a sunny day. It is regarded as among the best Victorian parks in the North West of England and you will find additionally medieval Roman and arches ruins being discovered amongst the very flower beds.

#5. Stroll around the walls

Chester’s Roman wall space are a frequent reminder of the city’s past and put in a beautifully distinctive charm. The white, sandstone defences adhere to you around the city and also you cannot go to Chester without strolling along the wall space. Chester is the sole city of Britain which also has the whole circuit of the walls of its in place so that you are able to hop on at any stage. You will find stone steps dotted everything around the city centre.

#6. Have a boat trip around the River Dee

In the summer days there are scores of choices for boat trips around the River Dee. Simply walk down on the river near the boat as well as the bandstand touts will catch the eye of yours. If you would prefer to get involved you then are able to hire a pedalo or maybe a rowing boat also. It is a beautiful way to view the city out of an alternative perspective and admire all of the gorgeous river front houses.

#7. Go to Storyhouse

Storyhouse is a cultural attraction in the community centre and can make an ideal spot to take a rest from walking. It was a classic cinema and is changed into a cultural space which includes a library, a theatre, a cinema, a coffee shop, a bar/restaurant. You will get plenty of info about things and events to do in Chester while you are there so it is really worth popping in for a glance around.

8. Chester Market

Chester Market is now undergoing a revival and a lot of incredible new stalls have popped in place in the last several years. And in case you are looking over this down the road then you are in for a treat since a brand new, modern market space is now being built and it is gon na be amazing!

9. Watch the buskers in the cross

Chester’s Cross Junction is exactly where the city’s 4 major streets come together. it is Watergate Street, Eastgate Street, Bridge Street and Northgate Street also it is a beautiful area to sit down and enjoy the attractiveness of the community. Not just that but it is additionally a favorite room for the city’s greatest entertainers and musicians to do so take a seat and remain for some time!

10. Stroll around the River Dee

When you do not take a boat trip and then make certain you head down with the river and have a stroll across the banks. You will find coffee houses, cafes & pubs dotted across the river so it is a great spot for a stroll.

Cultural and historical activities to do in Chester

You are spoilt for choice with regards to cultural and historical activities to do in Chester.

11. Chester heritage festival trail

This’s a self guided walking trail developed during lockdown to assist individuals find the Roman, Stuart, Tudor, Medieval, Victorian history and Georgian within the community. You are able to download the trail here to accomplish at the leisure of yours.

12. Visit Chester Cathedral

The beautiful cathedral is an inviting space ready to accept guests also it’s certain to use the breath of yours away and also you step silently over the Grade I outlined building. The cathedral gardens can also be gorgeous and they are a favorite spot to sit down and take pleasure in the sunshine in a peaceful setting.

13. Roman Amphitheatre

Another Grade I piece of Chester Architecture is the Roman amphitheatre on St John Street. It was as soon as the largest amphitheatre in Britain and also, while there is not much remaining, it is still a remarkable website you cannot miss when you are searching for cultural activities to do in Chester.

14. Chester Roman Gardens

Chester’s Roman Gardens might be small though it is such a really and serene space. The gardens are loaded with building fragments located within the roman fortress also they are shown between lawns and flowers.

15. Grosvenor Museum

Located on Grosvenor Street, the Grosvenor Museum is house to historic collections which tell us far more about Chester. There are rooms focused on the 17th century through to the twentieth century. Admission is free (donations are) that is welcome and you will find usually children’s activities throughout the school holidays.

16. Visit St John the Baptist’s Church

St John the Baptist’s Church was previously the cathedral in Chester which also retains a great deal of the grandeur you would expect from a cathedral. It is another really welcoming church along with a Grade I outlined creating that’s equally as amazing out of the inside and out.

17. check out the ruins of St John’s Church

Among my favorite items to do in Chester is go to the eerie but wonderful ruins of St John’s Church that are situated alongside the element of the church which is standing. It feels as though you have stumbled on a hidden secret in the trees and there is something miraculous about it.